Lauren, better known as simply Ren, is a recurring character in Season 7 of The Goldbergs. She is portrayed by Kelli Berglund in Season 7 and Carrie Wampler in Season 8. She first appeared in Parents Thursday and later becomes Barry Goldberg's girlfriend in Island Time.



Lauren was born in Jenkintown, PA to parents Gene and Rita. She attended The University of Pennsylvania and is bad at skateboarding. She then became friends with Erica Goldberg because she was also bad at it. Her dad Gene owns a couple of restaurants in Jenkintown and her mom Rita is a defense attorney.


Ren is a sassy yet fun and nice person and she seems to be girly. She is smart and she is obsessed with Earth Day. She happens to be a vegan and gets freaked out every time she smells, sees or feels meat. She also likes the bands Hall & Oates and The Clash.


  • Ren is based off of Barry Goldberg's real-life love interest.
  • She becomes Barry's official girlfriend in the propreantepenultimate (fifth-to-last) episode of season 7, Island Time.
  • Ren shares similarities with Jackie Geary: both began dating one of the Goldberg brothers after the girl he had his first relastionship with moved in, both are based on a real person, and both were played by two actresses.
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