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Gag me with a spoon!

–Lainey's main catchphrase

Lainey Janie Lewis is a music teacher and former student at William Penn Academy, a major character in seasons 1-6 of The Goldbergs and a main character in Schooled. She is portrayed by A.J. Michalka.


In her role in The Goldbergs, Lainey was the best friend of Erica Goldberg and later dated Barry Goldberg, until the end of the fourth season when they break up due to her moving away for college. She later drops out and the two become engaged, but ultimately break up again due to her leaving for Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. She eventually returns when things don't pan out, and reluctantly accepts a job at William Penn Academy as a music teacher.


Lainey is usually kind and in The Goldbergs spent most of her time with Barry. When she went to college, she was usually kind to both Ericas, but seemed a bit more snotty to Barry and Adam. Due to being popular, she sometimes seems to be an antagonist to Adam, occasionally calling him "geeky" and a "nerd". It is clearly shown how Lainey's personality changes throughout the course of the show. In the finale of Season 5, she and Barry share a dance. Barry brings up the idea of marriage, Lainey accepts and the two become engaged.


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