Kick Like A Girl is the fourth episode of the second season of Schooled, and the seventeenth episode overall. It aired on October 16, 2019.


Hoping to improve the football team's chances at winning the title, Coach Mellor and Principal Glascott recruit star soccer player Felicia to kick field goals. Unfortunately, when a boy she likes begins to treat her as one of the guys, she starts to have second thoughts.

Meanwhile, C.B. chaperones an overnight ski trip and hopes to get in some quality time with Lainey, but his efforts are constantly thwarted by the socially awkward Tom Scott.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Stephen Tobolowsky as Earl Ball
  • Rachel Crow as Felicia Somers
  • Alphonso McAuley as Coop Dugan
  • Abi Brittle as Becky
  • Bradley Steven Perry as Alec Raday
  • Christian Alexander Garcia as Dennis
  • Thomas Barbusca as Alex Piper
  • Haley Tju as Marni
  • Jaden Betts as Benji



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