Jonathan Glascott

Tim Meadows Clueless (Schooled)

Jonathan Laverne Glascott (born January 29, 1940), is a guidance counselor and later the principal of William Penn Academy, a recurring character in The Goldbergs and a main character in Schooled. He is portrayed by Tim Meadows.


In seasons 1-6 of The Goldbergs, Jon is a guidance counselor at William Penn Academy and also supervises the holiday talent show. He has a second job as a pizza delivery driver and gives guitar lessons for extra money. In Schooled, we learn he later becomes the principal of the school.

Personal Life

Not a lot is known about Jon's life outside of school, but we do know that he has a parrot named Feather Locklear and that he was previously involved with a woman named Ellen, until she moved away to marry a man named Todd.

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  • Jonathan's first name was originally thought to be Andre. It was later revealed that he lied because he thought Jonathan to be too boring of a name. In Schooled, we learn that he went by that name early in his career because his master's diploma was mistakenly printed with the first name of his college program's only other black graduate student, Andre Jones.
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