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Template:Infobox PersonJonathan 'Johnny' Atkins is a custodian and former student at William Penn Academy and a recurring character in The Goldbergs and Schooled. He is portrayed by Sean Marquette.


Much like Barry Goldberg, Johnny seems to have an oddly high opinion of himself. He is a huge fan of the band Rush, and can almost always be seen wearing a t-shirt from one of their tours. He has a ponytail and loves playing the saxophone, so much so that he apparently carries one around with him, and also plays the drums.


Johnny first appears in Season 3 and attends William Penn Academy. He seems to have been held back a few times as Adam mentions in Season 7 that Johnny is starting his "third senior year".


Johnny appears in Schooled and we learn that he has taken a job as a custodian at William Penn Academy.


  • Johnny is based on the real-life Johnny Atkins, who is said to have been exactly like the character when he was in high school.
  • He becomes good friends with Adam as time goes on.


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