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The Goldbergs is a TV show that premiered in 2013, that received a spin-off show in 2019 titled Schooled.

The 2013 series follows Murray and Beverly, their two older children Erica and Barry, and their youngest child, Adam, who documents his family life with his video camera. Beverly's father, Pops, is frequently around to provide advice or to help out his grandchildren (often behind his daughter's back).

Schooled follows Lainey Lewis who returns to William Penn Academy as the new music teacher. has a hard time adjusting to being an authority figure, but becomes infatuated with Rick Mellor, a gym coach at the same acamedy.

Both shows have received high claim, with The Goldbergs being renewed for season 8, and Schooled being renewed for its second season. Inspired by the childhood of Adam F. Goldberg, these connected tales are not to be missed!

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