Stop doing what you’re doing!

–Erica’s main catchphrase

Erica Dorothy Goldberg (Born August 18, 1967) is the oldest Goldberg child. She was very popular at school until she graduated. In her 9th grade year, she was socially awkward and dressed weird. She does not always get along with her brothers. She formerly attended at D.C. School of the Arts, but dropped out to form a band with her best friend Lainey Lewis and ex-roommate Erica Coolidge.


Erica was nerdy and unpopular in High School, she wore glasses, braces, and had dorky hair and clothes. Then she got rid of the braces, got contact lenses, shampooed with actual shampoo instead of bar soap, and learned how to take care of herself.


At school, Erica is extremely popular. However, she used to be really unpopular in ninth grade. Her best friend is Lainey Lewis, who is also Barry's girlfriend, she is also friends with Ari Caldwell.

She went to college around the end of the fourth season. She wasn't as popular in college as she was high school. There she met and befriended her roomate, who is also named Erica.


Erica is a dropout band singer.

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  • Erica Goldberg is based off of Adam F. Goldberg‘s oldest brother, whose name is Eric Goldberg.
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