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–Erica’s main catchphrase

Erica Coolidge is Erica Goldberg’s former roommate, she was roommates with her for most of Season 5. Erica and Valley Erica both decide to drop out and form a band along with Erica’s best friend, Lainey Lewis, a band called The Dropouts. Their first gig was at Geoff & Barry’s senior prom.


Valley Erica is introduced as Erica Goldberg’s new roommate, in the first episode of Season 5, “Weird Science”. In the episode, “The Scrunchie Rule”, Valley Erica begins to crush on Erica Goldberg’s brother, Barry Goldberg, as he is her out of town guest. She then proceeds to invite, Geoff, Lainey, the JTP, as well as Johnny Atkins and Carla from their school, as their out-of-town guests and things end up out of control, as soon as everyone patches things out, they all party, and from then on, Lainey, Barry, Geoff, Erica Goldberg, and Erica Coolidge become close friends, throughout the remainder of Season 5. In the episode “The Opportunity of a Lifetime”, while Erica Goldberg’s best friend, Lainey Lewis, is visiting, all 3 of them are stressing about the cons of college. They then all have an idea of dropping out of college and forming a band. In “Let's Val Kilmer This Car”, they earn their first gig, at Barry & Geoff’s senior prom, which Barry is banned from, leaving him on the football field outside of the school, and Lainey rushing out there to get one dance with him, which leads to him bringing up a question about marrying him, which turns into Lainey accepting his sudden marriage proposal, and while they’re playing, Barry runs in with Lainey, and yells, “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!”

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