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Dave Kim (born December 4, 1972) is a student at William Penn Academy, and a close friend of Adam Goldberg. He is portrayed by Kenny Ridwan.


In "Mama Drama", Dave Kim references the fact that he and Adam are not friends and have never hung out. In his first appearance, Adam goads Dave Kim into acting as Data for his Goonies-themed adventure. Their friendship subsequently grows, and he quickly becomes a part of Adam's inner circle. He becomes a frequent visitor to the Goldberg house and often assists Adam's filmmaking efforts. He is also a member of Adam's D&D group.

Dave Kim's parents own a Chinese restaurant, and his mother is good friends with Beverly Goldberg. In the episode "I Rode a Hoverboard", it is revealed that he has a younger sister named Jenny. He is shown to have a massive, unrequited crush on Erica Goldberg, and a fleeting interest in Lainey Lewis. Following the sixth season episode "There Can Be Only One Highlander Club", he begins dating Carla Mann.


Dave Kim is intelligent and generally easy-going. He considers himself to be the coolest of Adam's friends, which sometimes leads to him being over-confident and giving Adam questionable advice. He is shown to have many of the same interests as Adam, including a love of film. In the episode "As You Wish", it is revealed that he (like Adam) loves the movie The Princess Bride.

His signature style consists of a bowl-cut hairdo, horn-rimmed glasses, and turtleneck shirts.


Dave has a mother and a father whose first names have never been mentioned. He also has at least one sibling, his sister Jenny.


  • The real-life Dave Kim appeared for a Q&A segment at the end of the season seven episode "Dave Kim's Party".

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