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Daniel Morse is a student at William Penn Academy. He is very unpopular and very insecere about himself, back when Erica was in ninth grade, it was revealed that she used to have a crush on Dan, and he was grossed out by her, but three years later, it was revealed that she became attractive and she was the one grossed out by him.


  • Dan is one of the few characters that is hinted to be LGBT.
  • Dan's character's storyline is weird, as Erica had a crush on him back when she was in 9th Grade, and Barry was friends with him back when he was in 9th Grade, and was thought of to be in the same grade as Barry, and even was on the Senior trip with Barry, in the episode, The Goldberg Girls, but when Barry graduates at the end of Season 6, he still goes to William Penn in Season 7.

- Although he could just be hanging around the high school, like Carla, Dave Kim's girlfriend who graduated already, does.

- Or, he could've just gotten held back, as he still goes to William Penn.