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I have failed as a mother!

–Beverly's main catchphrase

Beverly Solomon Goldberg (born October 8, 1943) is the overprotective and often embarrassing "smother" of Adam, Barry, and Erica Goldberg, wife of Murray Goldberg and a main character in The Goldbergs. She is portrayed by Wendi McLendon-Covey.


Beverly's family includes Pops, Murray, Erica, Barry, and Adam. It is evident that Adam is Beverly's favorite, but she loves all of her kids deeply and loves to give them "snuggies". She is very intelligent and, although she could have been anything (particularly a lawyer, as she often points out), she always wanted to be a mother. As of now, we have little information on Beverly's own mother aside from the fact that her name was Irene, but we do know her father Al "Pops" Solomon.


Beverly is a very overprotective mother and shows lots of love to her family, often going way too far in her efforts to get her kids what they want. Her main catchphrase is "I have failed as a mother!" though "I coulda been a lawyer!" is a close second. She is overbearing, can be strict and punishes the kids a lot. Beverly has lots of hobbies, including cooking, knitting, jazzercise, power walking, and sometimes dancing. She has been known to use her "smother-ness" on multiple occasions to help her children, such as at the "Kick-Ass Risky Business" party that got to be too much.

She also has the ability to break up couples and get people together as shown in seventh season's episode Preventa Mode.

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  • Beverly is based on Adam F. Goldberg's real-life mother.
  • In 2021, she would be 77-78 years old.


  • "Happy Birthday! What do you want for breakfast?" - Beverly's First Line