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I feel anger!

–Barry's main catchphrase

Barreth Norman "Barry" Goldberg (born October 15, 1969) is the middle child of Beverly and Murray Goldberg, brother of Erica and Adam Goldberg. And the best friend and brother-in-law of Geoff Schwartz and a main character in The Goldbergs. He is portrayed by Troy Gentile.


"Big Tasty"

Big Tasty is Barry's stage name. In "Daddy Daughter Day", Barry asks Murray for 20 dollars. Murray says no, and Barry says it's for Big Tasty and Murray shouts at his son, "who the hell is Big Tasty?!" and Barry states that it is his rap name. He mentions this again in a clip at the end of the episode where Barry is rapping a rap he wrote to Pops. In the last line, Barry says, "when I say big, you say tasty. Big..." Pops responds, "what's happening?" and Murray shouts that Barry is a moron and to stop doing what he's doing.

In "Happy Mom, Happy Life", when Erica is the new leader of the JTP (after the JTP kicks Barry out) they call Erica 'Big E', to which Barry complains that it's way to close to his name 'Big Tasty', which will make people confused. In "Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone?", Barry creates a Dungeons and Dragons character called 'Lord Big of Tasty'.

In "I Heart Video Dating", Barry's stage name is referenced by Coach Mellor when he refers to him as 'Coach Tasty' when Barry temporarily becomes coach. In "The Spencer's Gift", when Barry gets a Job at Spencer's Gift, on his shirt, there is a label saying 'B. Tasty' a reference to 'Big Tasty'.

In "Deadheads", Barry says Big Tasty while standing on the table. 

In "This is This is Spinal Tap," Barry claims that he - Big Tasty - and Adam going to perform at the festival with Erica and her band.

Emotionally Unstable

Barry is known for being very emotionally unstable - prone to emotional outbursts, most notably anger in almost every episode.

Love Interests

Lainey Lewis

At the beginning of the series, Barry has had a crush on Lainey, a friend of Erica's, for as long as he can remember, but she does not feel the same way. However, in "Livin' on a Prayer", Lainey kisses Barry at a party and they gradually grow closer over season 2 and eventually become a couple.

In season 4, Barry and Lainey decide to break up because she is getting ready to start college far away, but they decide to stay together until she leaves. In "Graduation Day", Lainey and Barry break up and she moves away to attend college in Savannah, Georgia.

In "Girl Talk", Barry decides it's time to move on from Lainey and begins to look for a new girl. Lainey later returns after dropping out of college and the two get back together. Their relationship progresses and they become engaged, only for Lainey to end the engagement shortly before the wedding is to take place and leave for Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a singer, but promises Barry that when they're ready, they will be together.

Lainey later returns to Jenkintown as seen in Schooled, and she and Barry resume a long distance relationship due to him being in the process of completing residency in Detroit to become a radiologist. However, they ultimately break up, as we learn in "Clueless", and Lainey becomes involved with CB.


Ren is a friend of Erica's from college and eventually becomes Barry's girlfriend in season 7, but breaks up with him to get back with her ex in season 8's "Bill's Wedding". She is based on Barry Goldberg's real-life love interest.


Barry is not overly popular at school, but is the leader of his friend group, The JTP (short for the Jenkintown Posse). In "The Goldberg Girls", Barry and the JTP help his mother try to find her own friend group like the JTP.


In "Mini Murray", Barry asks for money from Murray to buy a pair of sneakers. Murray tells him that he needs to earn the money instead, and he begins working at the Ottoman Empire. He is surprisingly good at selling furniture, but Murray ultimately fires him because he wants Barry to go further in life than working at a furniture store like he does.

In Schooled, we learn that he has, in fact, followed through with his plans of becoming a radiologist and is completing his residency in Detroit, Michigan. However, in "Clueless" it is mentioned that he "ran off to Toronto".

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  • Barry is a huge fan of basketball, rap music, wrestling and break dancing. 


  • "You are a liar, Simon! You are a liar!" - Barry's First Line