Oh Balls!

–Adam’s main catchphrase

Adam Frederick Goldberg is the main character and narrator of the series The Goldbergs. He is the character based on the real Adam F. Goldberg, He carries around his video camera, which Barry considers not his type. He is the youngest child of Murray and Beverly Goldberg and the brother of Erica and Barry Goldberg. He is also clearly Beverly's favorite kid over Barry and Erica. Patton Oswalt voices present-day Adam as the narrator with Sean Giambrone as the adolecsent Adam.


Adam is a nerdy high-schooler who likes making and watching movies. He likes Ghostbusters, ET, The Princess Bride, and The Goonies in particular.


Barry Goldberg

Barry and Adam like a lot of the same things like the Beastie Boys and Ferris Bueller. However, Barry is always teasing Adam for what he considers "nerdy" things he does, such as always filming and playing with action figures.

Erica Goldberg

As revealed in one episode, Adam and his sister used to be very close when they were young. They started a detective agency where they often solved mysteries together.


Adam’s dream is to become a director/producer. In The Spencer's Gift He started working at an arcade in “The Spencer's Gift”.

Love Interests 

Dana Caldwell

Dana Caldwell was Adam's first crush. He met her in the episode "The Ring" as his cute neighbor and tried to woo her by holding a boom box outside her window like the character in the movie "Say Anything." Later in the episode "You Opened the Door", Adam and Dana have their first school dance. In, "You're Not Invited", he receives his first kiss when he dies for her in a game of laser tag. However, in “Goldbergs Feel Hard” it is revealed that Dana is moving to Seattle, and in “Weird Al”, they decide to break up. of the series.

Jackie Geary

Jackie is adam’s Current girlfriend. When he met her, he thought she was awesome and liked her because she was a nerd, just like him.


Adam currently goes to William Penn Academy.


  • Adam Goldberg is based off of the real Adam F. Goldberg.
  • Adam Goldberg is similar to Kevin Arnold in the 1988 series the Wonder Years. Where Kevin Arnold spend his teen years from 1968-1973.
  • Adam Goldberg is also similar to Chris Rock from Everybody Hates Chris based on Comedian and actor and producer and creator of Everybody Hates Chris "Chris Rock". But this series is semi-biographical from 1982-1986.
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